Germany Women U-17 prepares World Cup

Germany Women U-17 prepares World Cup

Germany Women U-17 football team prepares for World Cup with Algarve Sport Camps.

The Germany Women U-17 football team, current European champion, held its preparation stage for the Costa Rica World Cup in Albufeira. The preparation stage took place between January 25 and March 1, 2014.

The World of Costa Rica will be held between April 04 and March 15. The qualified countries are Ghana, Nigeria and Zambia (Africa), China PR, Japan and Korea DPR (Asia), Germany, Italy and Spain (Europe), Canada, Costa Rica and Mexico (North and Central America), New Zealand (Oceania), Colombia, Paraguay and Venezuela (South America).

The German team will face in Group B Canada, Ghana and Korea DPR.

Algarve Sport Camps wishes great success to the German team in the World of Costa Rica.